2017 · Finding Five

Finding Five

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We made it to Friday, friends!

Every week, I share five “happies” from my week here with you.  These are things that made me smile or put me in a good mood that week! I write down my happies at the end of every day and encourage you to look for them in your days too!



I’m loving this sweater tank this week! It’s perfect for our fall weather right now because it’s just cooling down but is not quite cold yet. It will also be cute with a long sleeve tee layered underneath when it gets cooler outside!  I bought mine in black, but it also comes in white and navy stripes!  They are both 40% off until Sunday night with code “FRIENDS”. 🙂


I read this blog post on Sadie Robertson’s Live Original blog this week and thought it went perfectly with the happies I try to encourage.  It’s all about thinking happy thoughts to lead a happy life.  Check it out here!



These are some of my very favorite skincare products! I’ve already talked about my Clinique brush and skincare products that I use at night, but I’ve been using this cleanser in the morning in addition to my clarifying lotion and moisturizer, and it leaves my skin feeling so clean!

A couple times a week I use this charcoal mask between my makeup remover and foaming cleanser and love how soft it leaves my skin feeling! I can really tell a difference in my skin with both of these products 🙂

Charcoal cleanser / Charcoal mask



One of my favorite things to do is walk or run in Audubon Park in New Orleans, and I got to walk during the prettiest sunset I’ve ever seen this week.  This picture doesn’t have a filter on it… it really was that pretty!  It’s pretty amazing what God can do 🙂

Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at 10.30.24 PM


I went to Baton Rouge for the Auburn game this weekend (what a game!) and totally failed at taking pictures!  We were probably too busy cheering for LSU’s incredible comeback 🙂


We stayed at Kylie’s for the weekend and had the best time being together.  A weekend in Baton Rouge is always a happy for me!

Thanks for sharing my happies with me today!

I have a fun weekend planned and hope you have the best weekend with your family and friends too!


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