2019 · Finding Five

Finding Five


Happy happy Friday, friends!

Each Friday, I share five “happies” from my week. A happy can be any little thing during your normal day that makes you smile or puts you in a good mood! Acknowledging our happies helps us to be thankful for our little everyday lives. I hope that by sharing my happies with you, you are encouraged to find your own happies each day! Our happies are all around us… we just have to look for them!


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We celebrated St. Patrick’s Day in Houston this weekend and had so much fun!

Pssst: My earrings are sold out in white but you can find them in four colors here!

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We got to see George Strait close out the Houston Rodeo on Sunday night, and he put on the best show!


“It is more blessed to give than to receive.” Acts 20:35

Such a simple but true reminder 🙂


I’ve tried out some new makeup brushes this month and totally feel like I hit gold!


I’ve been wanting to try out Morphe’s brushes for a while now so I snagged a few at the beginning of the month. They’re super affordable and work so well! From left to right I’m using:

Large Soft Fan Brush: At only six dollars (what?!), this brush is great for applying highlighter to my cheekbones! I’ve used it for both liquid and powder highlighters, and it does a great job of evenly applying both for an extra glow.

Pointed Contour Brush: I use this brush to apply bronzer at my hairline and mid forehead. It does a great job of picking up the color and applying my bronzer more precisely than my larger bronzer brush!

Deluxe Highlight Brush: This brush is perfect for applying highlighter to the center of my nose! I use it to blend the color in too and have used it with both liquid and powder highlighters.

Under Eye Setting Brush: I use this one to apply my setting powder under my eyes! I have super dark circles, so I use undereye brightening corrector under my concealer and then use this brush to set it. I’ve definitely noticed a difference with this one!

Mini Buffer Brush: Friends, this is probably my favorite brush that I own. It’s a miracle worker! Apply any eyeshadow to your lids, and this brush does an incredible job of blending it! Best six dollars I’ve ever spent, hands down.


I ordered this fun container to keep all of my brushes in! It holds a ton of brushes and comes in ten different designs!


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We ran a Bubble Run 5k in New Orleans and had so much FUN!

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We ran through all different colors of bubbles and got sprayed with bubbles at the finish line! We had the best time!

Furry Friend

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Lucky turned ONE this weekend!


She celebrated big at camp while we were in Houston this weekend!

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I brought a cake for the staff…


…and they made her a pup approved cake too 🙂


We’ve had so much fun watching this sweet girl grow this year and feel so lucky to call her ours!

That’s it for today, friends!

I hope you have the very best weekend.


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