2018 · Finding Five

Finding Five


Happy happy Friday!

Each Friday, I share a Finding Five post where I talk about five “happies” from my week. A happy can be any little thing during  your normal day that makes you smile or puts you in a good mood! Acknowledging our happies helps us to be thankful for our little everyday lives. I hope that by sharing my happies with you, you are encouraged to do the same! Our happies are all around us… we just have to look for them!



I’m actually obsessed with this lightweight sweater! I wore it to get my hair cut this weekend, and it felt like a dream. It’s super soft and comfortable and long enough for leggings (AMEN!). Plus it’s on sale right now 🙂 You need this one, friends!


I read Sadie Robertson’s newest book Fearless earlier this year and did a plan on my Bible app this week that included excerpts from the book. I was reminded by how much I loved this one! It’s such a great, encouraging, easy read!



I tried this face mask from Trader Joe’s this week (for only $1.99!) and loved how soft it made my skin feel the next day!



I went and saw Aladdin on Broadway in New Orleans with Emily, Shelby and Kalin and absolutely LOVED it!


We had the best little NOLA night 🙂

Lucky’s been having lots of FUN too!

Processed with VSCO with fp2 preset


She’s been on a boat ride…


…and to the Lakefront! Talk about a happy pup 🙂


football 10

I got to cheer on Alexandria at her school’s football game this past Friday night! It’s her senior year (cue the tears) and she’s rocking the field on her dance team every weekend!

That’s all I’ve got for you today, friends!

I hope you have the very best weekend and get to do something FALL related!


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