2018 · Finding Five

Finding Five


Happy Friday!

Every week, I share a Finding Five post where I talk about five “happies” from my week. A happy can be any little thing during your normal day that makes you smile or puts you in a good mood! Acknowledging our happies helps us to be grateful for our normal everyday lives.  Our happies are all around us… we just have to look for them!



The Easter Bunny brought me this workout tank this year, and I love it for the hotter months that are upon us! I don’t know about you… but a cute outfit to wear to workout is a huge motivator!


bible verse

A sweet little reminder from my Bible app to always be kind 🙂



Have you checked out Kendra Scott’s new summer collection yet?! It launched this week, and I’m just dying over all of the pretty lavenders and blues! #ineeditall


Processed with VSCO with l8 preset

I went to see Ali in Houston this weekend and had so much fun! We ate, caught up, and watched about 600 episodes of Law and Order SVU… aka the perfect weekend!

Furry Friend


This little pup demands your attention (and a belly rub) from the moment you see her. Lucky has brought us endless amounts of happiness over the past month. We go on a walk every evening, and it’s one of my favorite parts of the day!

Today’s happies were short and sweet but brought a lot of joy to my normal little week!

I hope your weekend is spent filled with lots of happies and the people you love!


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