2018 · Finding Five

Finding Five


Happy happy Friday!

Every Friday, I share a Finding Five post where I talk about five “happies” from my week.  A happy can be any little thing during your normal day that makes you smile or puts you in a good mood! I hope that by sharing my happies with you, you are encouraged to find your own in your normal little days. Our happies are all around us… we just have to look for them!


feelin lucky

How fun is this shirt?! It’s perfect for this month and is on sale for only $10!


I’ve been listening to Jen Hatmaker’s For The Love Podcast for about a month now and am loving it so much! Jen invites her friends on the show to talk about all topics from friendship to food, and they are all so fun and inspiring to listen to! This is my first time ever listening to a podcast and I’d highly recommend it!


sea salts

I’ve been loving these bath salts this week! They’re perfect to relax in the bath with and leave your skin feeling nice and smooth!


Eric and I had a bunch of happies in our weekend! We grilled, went to church, walked the LSU lakes…


…and balanced it out with a little bit of froyo 🙂



This cute little friend of mine got engaged on Saturday and we couldn’t be more excited! She texted our friends to tell us that day and I had a total freak out moment while walking the lakes. Amanda is as sweet as they come and will make a beautiful bride!

I hope you have the very best weekend, friends!


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