There are seasons in life that are full of joy, some that are filled with anticipation, and others that come with tough times.  This past month has been a difficult season for me, but I have also felt God’s presence so clearly by my side.  I believe that even at our lowest points, God puts happies into our lives and shows us His love through the people around us.  I hope to be back here next week to share a Finding Five post, but today I’m here to share a post about my sweet Snickers.


We lost our girl at the end of last week, and my heart is broken.  Snickers has been the very best friend to me and has given my life so much joy over the last eight years.


I had wanted a dog practically since I could talk, and my dad never caved until Snickers came along.  She was found on the lakefront by a friend who couldn’t keep her, and we guilt tripped convinced him that we had to rescue her 🙂 .


This picture is blurry, but this is what Snickers looked like when we first got her.  You could feel every one of her ribs, her hair was brittle, and she had heartworms.


Isn’t it crazy what a little bit of love can do?


As sweet as Snickers was, she was also as sassy as can be.  This is pretty much her worst nightmare to have to pose for a picture with a bow in her hair, and she was sure to let us know it 😉 .


If there was ever a napkin left on the floor, you can bet Snickers would be tearing it up.  One night she waited until my dad picked up his drink off of a napkin on the floor to dart across the room and steal it so that she could tear it to pieces.


Snickers ALWAYS wanted to get in the car with us, but as soon as we started driving she would start barking and whining uncontrollably.  I think that was her way of saying that she would rather us stay home with her and never leave the house 🙂 .


Speaking of letting us know what she wanted to do, if she didn’t want to go on a walk she would let us know that too 🙂 .


Nothing made Snickers quite as happy as getting to go upstairs.  I’m the only one who sleeps upstairs, so she would only get to go up to come sleep with me when I would come home from school.  Once we let her up, she would wait at the top of the stairs like this for me to come to bed.


Whenever I was home, Snickers was never far.  She would always make sure she could keep an eye on me from where she was.


See what I mean? 🙂


We loved Snickers big, and she loved us right back.  I read somewhere that dogs don’t live as long as we do because they figure life out so much quicker than us.  Dogs aren’t worried about material possessions or appearances.  They just want to spend time with us and love the people around them.


This sweet girl wouldn’t have made it if she hadn’t been rescued, and we all would have missed out on so much.  If you’re considering adopting a dog, know that they will bless you far more than you can bless them.  There are lots of dogs who need families, and you can be those loving homes for them.


I’m so thankful for the thousands of pictures, videos, and memories we have of our girl.  We have truly appreciated every text, prayer and hug we’ve received over the past few days and all of the reminders of how loved Snickers was.


I love and miss you every second sweet girl, and I can’t wait to see you again one day.


6 thoughts on “Snickers

  1. I am so sorry for your loss!! I really do believe we see God most when we are in the rough seasons of our life, so cling tight to him in these hard times 🙂

    xo, Jordan


  2. Oh no!! I’m so sorry for your loss!! What a precious pup!! Our dogs are 13 and starting to show their age. It’s so sad. Big hugs to you!!


  3. I am so sorry for your loss! Without a doubt, dogs become part of the family and their love is so big. Sounds like you and your family had many wonderful years with Snickers and I’m sure she really appreciated everything that you’ve done for her. Sending so much love your way!



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