2017 · Finding Five

Finding Five

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Happy Friday, friends!

Every Friday, I share a Finding Five post and talk about five “happies” from my week.  A happy is anything that does just that… makes you happy! I hope to encourage you to notice your happies throughout your normal day and acknowledge how a positive mindset comes along with them.

Thanks for stopping by today!



I’m loving these earrings this week! They’re simple but fun, and I’m going to be wearing them all year long! I bought them in Berry, but they come in seven different colors!

Pssst: I’m wearing Essie’s Go Go Geisha on my nails (the perfect shade of nude!)



I think this Bible is my very favorite happy this week.


I am completely obsessed with the colorful artwork throughout the entire thing!


It is a complete version of the NIV Bible and has space to make your own notes or pictures.  I haven’t stopped reading it since it came in the mail 🙂

You can find it here!



I ordered a new bottle of my very favorite setting spray and was so excited when it came in the mail! My little bottle lasted me a few months and always helps my makeup stay in place all day long.  Plus, it’s SPF 50!

If you’d like to try it out (you really should!), you can find it here.



Eric and I went back to McKinney’s downtown square last weekend and tried Cadillac Pizza for the first time.  It was delicious! We ordered spinach and artichoke dip and pizza with shrimp, steak, green onions and kettle-cooked chips and both were incredible!


We shopped around and then tried the cutest popsicle shop called Frios 🙂


This was such a nice treat on this hot day! Eric got a coconut cream popsicle, and I had strawberry mango. 🙂

Screen Shot 2017-04-20 at 8.25.21 PM


As I started training for my half marathon, I needed a new pair of running shoes and fell in love with these.  I had a different style of Mizuno’s before, but these are so comfortable and supportive and I’m loving them so far! You can check them out here.

That’s it for today!

I hope you have a great weekend!


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