2017 · Finding Five

Finding Five

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Hey there, Friday!

Each Friday, I share a Finding Five post where I talk about five happies from my week and hope to encourage you to find yours too!  Happies can be anything in your normal day that makes you smile or puts you in a good mood.  Thinking about our little happies each day helps us to appreciate our everyday life around us!

Thanks for stopping by today!



I’m loving this tank this week! It’s so light and cool for the hot weather we’ve been having here in Louisiana and is on sale for less than $20!

Top / ShortsSandals / OPI Alpine Snow



I loved this sweet little reminder in my Bible app this week 🙂



I promise I’m not a spokesperson for Drybar (although I probably should be!) but I couldn’t resist sharing this picture of a couple of my favorite things.  One new bottle of Drybar’s dry shampoo + Essie’s Backseat Besties makes for a happy day!


This weekend was filled with happies!


We went to see Scotty McCreery (aka my very favorite country singer) in concert and had the best time!

Psst: Find my earrings here in the Gold Dusted color.


This is both Lexi and I’s fourth time seeing Scotty in concert, and he never disappoints!


I read Scotty’s book earlier this year (after Eric got me a signed copy for my birthday!) and loved reading about his story from the time he auditioned for American Idol until now.  If you’re a fan, it was a great read!


The next day Eric and I went to Dat Dog in New Orleans and tried…


rolled ice cream!

We got ours from Dat Ice Roll in the courtyard of Dat Dog, and it was just as good as it looks! They make the ice cream right there in front of you, and it was just as fun to watch as it was to eat 🙂 .

Psst: That’s Essie’s Fiji on my nails 🙂



On Saturday night, Eric and I went to Prytania Theater.  I’ve talked about this theater before because it’s so neat! It’s a one screen theater that’s over 100 years old 🙂


We went to see Dunkirk and it was SO good.  It’s about the Allied troops getting trapped on the beach of Dunkirk during WWII and how they were eventually evacuated safely.  This movie was so well done and totally made me sob cry 🙂

That’s it for today!

I hope you have a great weekend!


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