2017 · Finding Five

Finding Five

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It’s Friday!

Every Friday, I share five happies from my week and encourage you to do the same.  Happies can be anything in your day that make you smile or put you in a good mood!

Thanks for sharing my happies with me today!



I’m absolutely obsessed with these sandals.  They’re so cute and super comfortable!  I have them in navy sea & white, and you can find them in 18 different colors here!



Shelby gave me this cross canvas for my birthday, and I absolutely love it! I love having sweet little reminders like this around my room 🙂 .



Eric gave me this hand cream for my birthday, and I was ecstatic! I’ve been obsessing over the candle for years, but just found out a couple of months ago that they made a hand cream, too.  The scent is nothing short of amazing and is so calming and refreshing!


This weekend was full of fun!


On Friday, we went to Bacchanal Wine in New Orleans to celebrate my birthday and had the very best night.


Shelby and I picked out a meat and cheese plate and devoured ate it while we all listened to live music!


It’s set up as a cute little backyard with tables and a stage for different bands that come on every couple of hours.  It was such a fun night!


On Saturday we cheered Shelby on at her last dance recital 🙂


And on Sunday I celebrated my birthday with my family at New Orleans Food and Spirits in downtown Covington!


Then we came home and had cake with this girl 🙂 .

It was a great weekend!



On Wednesday, Merritt and I tried Shay’s gorgonzola and grilled peach burgers and were in heaven! You need these in your life. They were amazing!

Thanks for stopping by today!

I hope you have a great weekend 🙂


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