2017 · Finding Five

Finding Five

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Happy Friday!

Every Friday I find five “happies” from my week to share with you and hope that you’re finding your own too! Happies can be any little things throughout your day that make you smile or put you in a good mood.  Our happies are all around us, and acknowledging them puts us in such a positive space.

Thanks for stopping by today!


First up, I have to share my Coke bottle find because it was quite possibly the biggest happy from my week (and that’s saying something!).  I’ve been DYING looking for my name on a Coke bottle for years.  I’m talking to the point that if you’ve ever gone to the store with me, you’ve probably searched through every single Coke bottle in the refrigerated section for my name.  Well I was traveling to Texas this weekend and stopped in a gas station for a snack. As I glanced up at the Coke bottles and resisted the urge to scavenge for my name, an Alexis Coke bottle was staring right at me in the front row! I might have physically jumped for joy when I saw that bottle.

Thanks for sharing my happies with me this week!



These wedges are my very favorite.  I’ve had them for three years now, and they’re just as cute and comfortable as when I bought them!  Find them here in three neutral colors.

Psst: I’m wearing OPI’s Alpine Snow on my toes 🙂 .



Jesus Calling is a devotional book that has an entry and a bible verse for every day of the year.  I keep mine in my car and read it every morning before work.  It’s a great way to start my day!



I have a serious obsession with coconut oil. I use it to remove my eye makeup (it’s so gentle!), as a hair mask, and most recently… as shaving cream!  I randomly decided to replace my shaving cream with coconut oil one night, and I may never go back.  It doubles as a shaving cream and a moisturizer leaving your skin incredibly smooth and hydrated, and you can skip the step of applying lotion after! This is a game changer!



Merritt and I went to see Mamma Mia this week and had the best night!  It’s the Farewell Tour so if you have the chance to see it, I would definitely recommend it!  It’s a fun show that easily keeps your attention the whole time.

Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at 10.30.24 PM

My birthday was on Tuesday, and I had the sweetest friends who made me feel extra special!


Emily and I went to get a snowball at Hansen’s in New Orleans and went for a walk in Audubon Park.  Hansen’s has been open in this very spot since 1944.  It’s a New Orleans tradition that never disappoints!  You can often find the line down the street just to get a snowball, but we lucked out on this day without any wait 🙂 .


Merritt brought home the most delicious cupcakes from Sucre, and we enjoyed this cookies and cream one that night.  Sucre has some of the best desserts in New Orleans!

IMG_4142 (1)

We moved Eric to Texas this weekend, but he sent me flowers for my birthday and made my day! Sunflowers are my very favorite 🙂 .

Psst: There’s those wedges again. 🙂

Thanks so much for stopping by today!

I have a fun weekend planned and hope you do too!


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