International Day of Happiness

Hi there!

When I saw in my planner that today was International Day of Happiness, I knew I had to share a post with you about it.

I’ve put together some fun little quotes about happiness from my Pinterest to put you in a good mood this Monday morning!

Happy quote


Could a quote better sum up the purpose of this blog?  Finding happiness from the little things in our everyday lives makes such a difference in our moods each day.

happy 11

Do you have a favorite candle scent that you love?  Or a snack that puts you in a good mood?  Making it a point to include these things throughout your day gives you some easy ways to boost your mood!

happy 8

While we can’t ignore the fact that we have responsibilities and things to complete each day, we can include things that keep us calm and positive throughout the day.  Take a walk outside, listen to your favorite song, or watch an episode of your favorite show on Netflix.  Some days this just isn’t possible.  But more often than not, it’s okay to take some time for yourself to keep you in a happy space as long as you’re not excessive about it!

happy 15

This is so true!  Give someone a compliment, leave her a nice note, or buy him his favorite snack.  Making someone else happy boosts your mood like no other!

And to leave on a light note…

happy 13

Have a very happy week!


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