2017 · Finding Five

Finding Five

Happy Friday!

I’m so excited to be sharing my happies with you this week! I was so thankful to have the chance to wear some of my sweaters with the little bit of cooler weather that came to Louisiana. It’s been perfect weather for runs and just so nice to be outside!

Hopefully your week has been just as enjoyable and filled with happies!



These booties turned into my favorite pair the second I tried them on. They’re super comfy, go with everything, and are perfect for our not so cold winters here in Louisiana! I have the Chestnut Suede color, but I seriously want them all. They make me happy every time I wear them!

And as an added bonus… they went on sale yesterday! You can also get free shipping on any order over $50 with code “SMFREE50”.


I have been using this app for about a year now and have loved adding it to my daily routine. It gives daily Bible verses and allows you to complete “plans” that include devotionals and related verses about specific topics. Emily and I decided to complete one called “The Ten-Day Word Fast,” and we both loved it! It walks through some of the daily challenges that we face and delves into how to work on them each day. We both enjoyed it so much that we decided to start it again!



I am loving this nail polish color this week! I borrowed it from Shelby (my roommate) after almost buying a similar color last week and loved how it came out! It’s Essie’s After School Boy Blazer and is perfect for the little bit of winter we are having right now :).



Shelby, Laurel, Emily and I tried Surrey’s in Uptown New Orleans for brunch on Sunday and all fell in love!


I ordered the Crawfish Melt with potato salad and couldn’t stop thinking about it for the rest of the day. I can’t wait to go back!



Mardi Gras season is one of the most exciting times of the year in Louisiana, and this year is no exception! While I haven’t been to a parade yet, my mom has our house ready for the season, and I have loved seeing all of the Mardi Gras colors out and about.


I even got a Mardi Gras themed donut this week, and that made me extra happy!

Thanks so much for stopping by today and sharing my happies with me.

I hope you have a great weekend!


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