2017 · Finding Five

Finding Five

Thanks for stopping by today!

In case you missed my first post, I’m finding five “happies” from my week each Friday and encouraging you to do the same.  These “happies” can be any of the little things throughout your day that make you smile or put you in a good mood! Making it a point to find your “happies” each day can make each of our days special and exciting.

Here are my “happies” from this week!



I picked up this sweater from Old Navy this week, and it was an instant happy! It’s super comfy and a great transition piece for our unpredictable weather.  I picked up the squash color in the store, but I’m loving the cream color as well! (Psst: Right now it’s 25% off plus free shipping on orders $25 or more with code FREESHIP through Sunday).


I heard a quote in church this week that really stuck with me.  “Don’t be so busy dreaming of what you want in the future that you forget to appreciate the reality of what you have today.” I felt reassured that finding our “happies” in our days is a great step toward appreciating and enjoying our realities!



This powder + foundation combo is a must have in my makeup routine.  It provides great coverage without the heavy feeling of some liquid foundations and leaves skin looking smooth and even.  I ordered a new one this week and was reminded of how much I love it!



On Monday night (after a much appreciated day off of school!), I watched the Bachelor with my roommates, Emily and Laurel.  We made dinner, ate cake and laughed at the craziness of this show.  I made another one of Shay’s bundt cakes from this cookbook, and it was delicious!


Going to see “La La Land” with my family was an early happy for me this week!  It’s a charming little story about two young people (played by Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling) who each have a passion for the arts.  While parts of the story can be a little abstract (as it’s told as a musical), it encourages you to fight for your dreams and believe in yourself despite any setbacks and discouragements you may face.  Not to mention it won 7 Golden Globe Awards and is rumored to be up for 14 Oscars!

Thanks for reading my happies with me this week! Hopefully you’re off finding yours and enjoying the start of your weekend!

Happy Friday!


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